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DEMIGODS Series :: Production in Progress

Posted by InDeeperDreams - February 10th, 2014

Hello, Newgrounds!

My team and I are very excited to announce that Demigods [Episode One :: Playing with Fire] is currently in its animation stage!


Following the events of RAGNORAK, the surviving gods of the AESIR decended into mortal bodies. Those who took possession over a human body had the option of living eternity and having access to thier powers, but always battle with sanity and a lonely existance, living only off of the lifeforce of the world around and thus never being able to exist in  one place for too long, or living out a single mortal life in a mortal body and dying off.

The Norse God of Fire, Loki, found a loophole, and in his hands held the power of fate. He reincarnated himself into a human body specifically designed to host the soul of a God, and thus bypassing any need to pay a toll with the life around him or his own sanity. However, the payment is a shortened lifespan and a withered and broken-down body.

Loki, who felt that his past life was not his own fault as it was the curse of the sisters of fate (the Norn) who twisted his mind and turned him evil against his adopted family, seeks a new life of redemption, far away from the rule of the old ways of the world. In his attempt, he changes his name and identity and takes a small group of people away to have as a new family. In his own corner of the new world, he rises up a small city-state empire which he near single handedly raises up for thousands of years, away from the rest of the world cultures. His bloodline has been kept pure by process of selective marriage, and at the end of each of his live's, he takes a new host body in his first born son, as it contains the genetic capacity of hosting a god.

Surviving Gods have found ways to keep their sanities at bay as well as thier identities a secret. These gods must have an obsession which they build thier lives around. A lost son of Allfather Odin, Prince Vali, has sworn to keep what old ways of his lost culture he can alive for eternity, thus imortallizing the memories of his past. He has become anti-social, reclusive, volitile, and psychopathic, and with the evolving world around him, he soon finds that keeping himself alive and keeping his obsession are two very difficult things to do.

A mysterious and familiar man seeks him out on his travels, and tells him of a person- a shaman- who knows the location of the one man who was responsible for the ruin of Vali's forsaken life, and a kingdom that was taken from him must be repaid in blood.

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Good luck with your series. I'm regretting not getting back to you on the voice acting, but with all the projects that I kept joining and them getting terminated or discontinued, I didn't think this would see the light (no offense).