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Looking for Animators, Background Artists, V-Actors, and Musicians!

Posted by InDeeperDreams - February 17th, 2014

Copyright (c) 2014 Riley Marengo





Ezari Eschron is an ambassador representing the psychic "Gifted" civilians of Wamsivl who have of recent generations a rised from the genetic pool. The world is exiting it's Dark ages and leaping directly into a modernistic age where psionic's are used like slaves for the benefit of their kingdoms. The Psionic's have formed small city-states within or outside the borders of several kingdoms to stand against the tyranny of the nations and the ignorance and racism that forms from the fear of the minds of men. The "Gifted" believe that above all else, they need to portray their humanity in a world where the humans are less of men that they are. As tension arises between the races, each side develops weapons and new understandings of an assortment of technologies which would pit the world into a desolate state. Viarra, the crystalline girl, and the 'oracle' for the psychics senses a vast and devastating potential rise in the body of a small human populace, and if they aren't contained, the potential for life will cease to occur.



Anyone who is willing to collaborate with me in the future for an animation series about psychological and psionic warfare on an alien fantasy world similar to Earth in the dark ages, please contact me! The project has not been completed as I never start something without a team to help me and to work around.

The project would require several different animators working simultaneously on different episodes and the series would be about 10-12 episodes max, And I wouldn't give more than 2 or 3 episodes to a single animator.

There are few concepts for this project that are finalized- some I am still working on


This project would be organized in 4 stages per episode ::-----------------------------------------------------------------------

STAGE 01 :: Concept Art // Story Planning // Story Writing

STAGE 02 :: Story Boarding // Animatics // Story Adjustments // Background Art

STAGE 03 :: Animation // Voice Acting // Dialogue & Monologue Adjustments

STAGE 04 :: Additional Animations // Animation Adjustments // Music

All of these adjustment stages are up to debate as they are simply to better the quality of the animation. Without them I believe that the time would be cut substantially.

I expect each stage to be about 2 weeks, each episode about 2 months completion, therefore singularly, the time of completion would be approximately a 2 year process, THUS THE NEED FOR MULTIPLE ANIMATORS working simultaneously.

I would like there to be a background artist for every animator, as well as a musician for every animator.

I would offer payment, but I have no idea how well the response from this- nor the quality of this- would turn out, as this has not been tried before as far as I've seen. This is as close to a professional delegation layout I can get without tripping over lawsuits. Primary funding would come from Kickstarter.Com, and any newgrounds donations we may recieve, and funding would come only after we have a product to demonstrate, which would mean that the first few episodes would be done for nothing. I don't expect a cut for myself unless we meet the calculated margin where I would be able to take from this meaning any funding would go to pay fairly the animators, voice actors, and musicians, and any additional funding would go to myself and whatever needs the project might have.

If you are interested with this project, or have advice, I would love to hear from you. Thank you, and looking forward to results. IDD

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OK, you need voice actors. When do you need it by and what roles do you have to offer?