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PSYCHADICA Project :: Roles Available (and still growing :P)

Posted by InDeeperDreams - February 18th, 2014

Copyright (c) 2014 Riley Marengo


As Stated in my last post, I am creating a new project involving Psychics and Psychological warfare on an alien planet.

The World has just recently found that there are people who have the ability to perform extrodinary feats with thier minds, and fear and uncertainty has created a rift between those who are "gifted" and those who are not. The Humans have fought consistantly to supress the minds and the wills of the psychics so that they remain ignorant and therefore have the ability to be controlled so they are not a threat, but outcasts and runaways have formed small tribal-like City-States and over the years, even a kingdom, and they are growing smarter than the humans, even going as far as outgrowing thier need for humanity.

They are striving to form order, to coexist, to survive, but with new weapons and new ways to bring them down, they are given no choice but to build a war-ready empire, and an army of thier own, and develop thier own ways to fight while the humans still keep thier kind as slaves and are utilizing thier powers to gain an edge.


Listed here are a few roles available (and still more to come), but Auditions will not be until both the plot is complete and the team has been fully gathered. I am accepting Demo-reels.

Primary Characters:: Psychics

Ezari Eschron, the Psychic Ambassador for the Southern Kingdom Leozen Thrall, the Psychic King of the South Vairra, the Crystalline Girl Diair Ken Vo, The Telekinetic Architect Laress Fae, The psychic Ambassador for the Southern city-state Zado Takzen, The Apex Killer Aergris Arisa, the Academy Director Rezin Leoto, the teleporting man.


Bor Blaker, The General of the Amalgian warriors (human standard ops) Death / Darkness / Fear, The Human Weapons (human psi-killers) King Reynold Falker, the human King of the South King Harken Domador, The King of the West The Messenger, A psychic astral projector

Secondary Characters/ Misc characters ::

The Slaves, psychic slaves The Amalgian Warriors, human soldiers and police force The Mongers, humans which specialize in psychological warfare Guards Resistance Spies Unaligned Psychic astral projectors for hire Tele-K Workers The Human Civilians The Psychic Civilians The Neo Apex Humans

There is still a need for musicians, and several more animators and especially background and concept artists. I have messaged people and gotten few replies, but I am obliged for the sake of the project to keep moving forward.


Message me or leave a reply if you are interested.

Comments (3)

I would be interested in helping with the voice acting.
here is a link to a voice demo I have, and I can also show an example of some scenes from projects I have joined before.

As a music composer, this actually sounds really interesting. I know my compositional demo reel is set up for Computer Game music, I have experience in writing music for theatre.

http://www.pendraigmusic.co.uk is where you can find my demo reel (I dunno if you feel you'd want something more electronic or acoustic, but I am capable of both).

GL with the project, sounds very ambitious.

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