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PSYCHADICA :: Roster updates and Concept to-do list

Posted by InDeeperDreams - February 26th, 2014

Copyright (c) 2014 Riley Marengo

Psychadica roster

This post is specifically directed to the participants of the Psychadica Project. It contains information on thier team members and thier tasks. Feel free to browse through if you are interested in supporting ot helping out. Still could use several artists, a musician, and voice actors.


Voice Talents ::

Plasmarift, Lunarscythe, NanaBlackbird, X1BurningAces1X, Toggleroo, UltimaBurnie, dsgrntlgrnt


Animation Artists ::

zv, Karsys, MintyFreshThoughts


Concept Artists ::

SnarlyDawg, Shaneul782, Halrod, InDeeperDreams



KevinKerrMusic, SmaugPenDraig, InDeeperDreams

TO THE PARTICIPANTS:: My skype name is 'indeeperdreams'. Add me and tell me that you are part of the project. Also, list accounts you may have that could be vital tools to communication and file transfer (e.g., soundcloud, deviantart, newgrounds, CGHub, etc.) so that I may try and find the fastest way to communicate to you.

Below is art that has been confirmed as complete, and art that still needs to be completed. Browse to see what you are interested in and please direct questions to my newgrounds account or my skype so as to verify with me what is being worked on, so I can update the list.

Anyone who is interested in joining the project, please contact me or post a comment.



Overall ::

Concept art of weather and sky in Wimsivl


Psychics ::

Ezari Eschron, the Psychic Ambassador for the Southern

Kingdom Leozen Thrall, the Psychic King of the South

Vairra, the Crystalline Girl


Humans ::

Fear, The Human Psi-killer

King Reynold Falker, the human King of the South



Northern Tribal Psychic Civilians, misc animal life, Vius Throne Room, Ishitara map, Ishitara overview sketch, Ishitara city defense infrastructure.


Episodes are produced in sets of 3. Each episode will tell the events in each kingdom.


Episode 1 will focus solely on the psychic liberation and the issues King Leozen is facing in the city of VIUS, and the return of Ezari Eschron from the Amalgian kingdom. It will also take place during the events of the opening of the psychic academy.


Episode 2 will focus on events happening throughout the kingdom of Ishitara, such as the imprisonment of Zado Takzen, the opening of the First Psychic Academy on the border of Vius and Ishitara, and the assaults on the outer Psionic encampments.


Episode 3 will focus on the Kingdom of Amalgia, losing his grasp on his civilians and denouncing his allignment with Ishitara. It will focus on the anti-psychic weapons development program, and the Amalgian growing Anti-psionic resistance.


// Overall //

Continental map of Wimsivl, concept art of Wimsivl landscape, Vius Standard design, Amalgian Standard Design, Ishitaran Standard design.


// Episode One //

Vius city scape. Vius palace design, Vius political infrastructure, Vius city defense infrastructure, Concept designs for Ambassador Aegis Omoro, Concept Designs for Architect Diair Ken Vo, Concept Designs for Ambassador Laress Fae, Concept Designs for Amalgian Resistance Spies, Concept designs for Psionic Civilians, Concept Designs for inner city architecture of Vius, Concept designs for Sibree Clothing (psionic conductive material).


// Episode Two //

Ishitara inner architectural designs, Ishitaran Palace design, Ishitara outskirt encampment designs, Ishitaran soldier designs, Ishitaran Scout designs, Ishitaran civilians designs (merchants, hunter scouts, psychic refugess from amalgia, human refugees from amalgia, human refugees from the north), Ishitaran Political infrastructure, concept designs for Amalgian resistance spies, Concept designs for Zado Takzen, Concept designs for The Messengers.


// Episode Three //

Amalgian Cityscape, Amalian palace design, Amalgian political infrastructure, Amalgian city defense, Amalgian economic infrastructure, Concepts for King Harken Damador, Concepts for Amalgian soldiers, concepts for General Bor Blaker, concepts fot Amalgian civilians, concepts for Psychic slaves, concepts for Psychic civilians, concepts for the Messengers.

Comments (4)

I have no idea what this is, but I'm all ears.

An animation series in preproduction about psychological warfare between humans and psychics in a fictitious alien planet coming out of its dark ages. This was to alert the concept artists about work options and alert the team about new members and story development updates. There are concepts on my newgrounds profile on the project, as well as more blogs with more information and some sample music I made for the project already if you are still interested.

Thanks for reading anyways!

I don't have the best music skills in the world.. I think I would only taint this project.

I wouldn't say anything of the sort. I took the time to listen to a variety of your melodies, and despite the fact that your melodies are designed for games and by game influences, I don't think you lack talent. I believe you haven't branched out from game music before. And the types of music I am looking for isn't very far from your style, as this is a fantasy/scifi/psychological animation, and has a variety of elements for each of those genres. I have produced templates of the kinds of music I would like to see at least a few times across the project, and it would be exceedingly less stressful to have another musician on board. here are the short examples, if you think you can produce something of this nature :


I don't expect magnificence in music, and I don't want exactly the most mainstream idea of cinematic music either, because then this would all be boring. Its all meant to be Dark, Heroic, Idealistic, and push the limits of our imaginations. Try something out. I'd love to hear back.

Sounding good so far IDD. Can't wait for this to progress further.

Alright, I'll try to make something to see if I can do it. Wouldn't hurt.