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PSYCHADICA :: Aegis Omoro

Posted by InDeeperDreams - March 4th, 2014

Copyright (c) 2014 Riley Marengo

Not a scene, but a written chapter which introduces the themes and central ideals and events in the Ishitaran segment of the story. It also introduces the personality of Aegis Omoro.


___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________

Aegis Omoro stands in front of the students of the newly opened psychic academy. The first time they every have even seen the insides of a classroom. They were filthy. They did not know to be clean, these people. Thier parents didn't tell them that this was a day to be regal. Thier friends did not tell them they this was a day to be remembered. To them, this was just a day.

So this tall and proud man, not of any noble descent, but a man who has earned every right of his way through triumph, he looks over the room, at every seat of people all angled down at him. The room is filled, athough there are patches of seat empty. Seats that will never be filled. There isn't enough of them in the city of vius. The room was built to last, and to promote the dream, or at least the very image, of a glimpse of the future.

"One day we will thrive." The inscription engraved above the wall at the front of the room.

Perhaps it was to remind the people that all the hard work they do will build to something. Perhaps it was to reminds them that they have a long journey ahead of them. Perhaps it was to inspire them to fulfill that destiny. But it was an idea that was laid to waste, at the very least, for this moment. Hardly a single person in this room could read a letter, and even the ones who could were focused solely on the soldier in the front of the room.

They know his face. And if not,they know his name. Aegis, the Great. Ambassador Omoro to the southern kingdom of Ishitara. The savior of the city. All of thier eyes were afixed on him. Some in fear. Some in awe. Some in envy. Only one was of a serious intent. But he had hardly noticed her amungst they crowd of filth and torment.

"I suppose... I should begin."

Aegis is slow to look up from the ground in front of him. He awaits for the moment where his voice stops reverberating in the room. There is silence in both motion and sound. Stillness even in thier hearts and minds.

"I am here not because I want to be, but because I must. I did not want to be here. I am not... a... teacher... of man... I am a soldier. I was chosen to be here today because your teacher could not. I was chosen because of my experience in speaking to large crowds of people. I was not chosen because I have something to teach you. I... do not..."

He was not an empath. That would mean he would be connected to each and every organism in his presence. It would mean that he could understand how to reach out and what to say to open up a gateway of communication between him and these men and women and children. He was hardened by responsibility and war, and by no means was he an empath. But he felt thier dissapointment when he spoke. He also was not affected by it. He had a job to do, whether he liked it or not.

"I am here filling the shoes of your teacher, filling this room with my voice to help adjust you to a new setting. Do you realize what today is? We're making history today, citizens of Vius. Today is the first day ever in the history of this land that the Psychics of Wimsivl gather under this roof. The first day of the Psychic Academy. I may not have anything to bring to you like anything that will be in the future. But I do have this moment."

His moment of inspiring words took away any thoughts of anger or sorrow.

"Do you know why you are here? Do you know what this place is to you? For you? I am asking you. Please raise up your arms and I will call on you to speak if you think you have an answer."

Several people debate within themselves. They raise thier hands above.

A man- older, and much bulkier than the rest is pointed at. He speaks in a soft and accented voice. "We are here to gather together and support the future of Vius by honing our skills as psionics and knowlege as people."

Aegis nods quickly and moves on to pointing at the next person. "Yes."

A man in his late twenties speaks with intensity to set himself apart from the other. "We are here to learn to be soldiers and protect ourselves attack."

Aegis does not respond, and instead points to the girl in the back, who suddenly jerked her hand up. The same one who was sternly and intently staring. Her voice was more distorted, as if she was speaking through a crystal plate. Aegis was taken aback. This is usually signs of a strong psychic power, but he was more taken by her knowlege and confidence than the effect itself.

"Why are we here?" he says before she speaks.

"To set ourselves apart from who we were before and to uphold the ideal that we can be equals to mankind."

"Yes. Exactly." Aegis says with almost an excited tone. He was about to move on when a small boy, about 7 years of age raised his hand and stole his attention away from his thoughts. He stopped. Then he smiled sweetly and asked the boy to speak.

"You have something to say?" He asked to the boy. The boy took no time to respond.

"I'm here because my mommy wanted me to be safe so that I would see her again tomorrow."

It hurt him, Aegis. If he was any less of a man of dignity, he would've been astonished or caught off his guard. He knew this boy had been through a lot. He could tell by bloodstains on his tattered clothing. He could tell by the cuts and scars on his arms, face and legs. He could also tell from his eyes, which were wide, and naive, and ignorant, and sad, and which had been lied to sweetly to hide the darkness of the times. His eyes were a reminder of his own to Aegis, once upon a time. He stopped a moment to fight his own emotions.

"You're here... because you needed a safe haven so that you could see your mother again." Aegis looked down by nature, but by force of habit he jerked his head to the side. He didn't want the people to see he was affected. He took a breath. He looked to the boy who had spoken earlier.

"I did not respond to you. And there was a reason for that. We are not here to be soldiers. We are not here to teach to you the arts of death. We are here for you because there is a better way to live than this, and we believe that you deserve it. I am an Ambassador to the Southern Kingdom. I am a representative of both peace and harmony. That is what I do. I speak to the King of Ishitara, who I have met with many times. I discuss current events involving my people. I discuss and deliver bargains and compromises from our King, Leozen, to thier King, Reynold Falkner. I discuss new treaties and rules. I offer services and recieve payments as well as pay for any damages our own kind cause, and I ENSURE... that the people still captive or under the kings rule are treated fairly and safely. I ensure that our kind prevails in the Kingdom of Ishitara and I intend for our kind to flourish in the Kingdom of Vius.

And I am here not to teach you. I am here to let you know that this Kingdom has every intention of promoting and cultivating you from what you once were to what you will be tomorrow. Do you see those words up there? 'One day, We will Thrive.' Do you know what that means? It means that the future is ours. It means that we, one day, will be better than war. We, one day, will be better than the simplicities of contraversy and the arrogance of ignorance."

The room is silent once more.

"I intend to make that happen."

Aegis holds himself up and locks his arms behind his chest. "We are a very unique people with very unique talents that a hundred years ago, this world had never seen. We have come far in the age of man. We have brought forth civilizations and societies. We built towering buildings in days. We sifted through miles of mines in months. We have accomplished things as slaves that no other has accomplished as men. We are extraordinary."

"And do you know what things are possible if we just keep trying? No one does. No one can see the future."

The girl in the back lowers he gaze.

"And if we could, I wouldn't want it for us. We don't need to see the future. It takes away from the constant reminder that we need to be the best we can possibley be to ensure our future is as we desire. Our own."

The girl furrows he brows, and sinks in her seat.