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Posted by InDeeperDreams - April 28th, 2014

Copyright (c) 2014 Riley Marengo


This is the script I have been trying to get into animation. I hope to recieve some good feedback from readers, but I also am putting this on the newsfeed to see if there are any more animators interested in the project.

Thanks for looking!


This scene takes place in a room underground, located in an ancient ruin of a castle, which once stood in the forest depths nearly 20 miles north of the Kingdom of Ishitara.
This room is approximately 50 ft2. The northern most portion of the room is a (15ft x 45 ft) platform which is level ground. There is a double door on the West side of this platform. Proceeding south along the floor, there is a sloped cage of metal bars which are the length of the room’s sides (45 ft east and west) and continue south for 30 feet at a 30 degree angle. Below this cage is a black pit stretching down at least 25 feet.
Continuing even further south is a centered platform, fastened in the air by chains which are meant to slowly lower a prisoner down into the pit and release the platform after a short time (at about 15ft from the ground of the pit the chains release the platform and retract into the walls) so as to not allow other prisoners to climb up using the chains. This platform is small and round. It is about 5 feet in diameter.
The chains fasten into the walls for the rest of the way back in 180 degrees. There is one chain set left and right of the platform, and one securing chain set for each 45 degree angle in between (180 and 0 degrees, 45 degrees, 90 degrees, 135 degrees). So basically the chains fasten in the shape of a cardinal compass.
The walls are tall- about 100 feet high- and along them are growing vines and plants which have crept in from the large crack in the cieling, showing the sunlight with a greenish hue.
Above everything, directly above the small round platform, is a tomb which is meant to encompass a prisoner. It is a solid structure 360 degrees around, and has a 4.5 ft round hole in the bottom to allow for what is on the round platform to be captured by and held inside of it.
Aegis Omoro, wounded skin all over and bandaged leg.
King Reynold Falker
Zado Takzen, bound to a stake by chains and unconscious at the beginning of the scene
Ishitaran royal Guard #1, standing left of the king
Ishitaran royal Guard #2, standing right of the king
Ishitaran Guard #1, standing guard at the door
Ishitaran Guard #2, standing guard at the door

The ishitaran guards open the doors to the left of the long platform, leading into this large room. In comes the King, his guards, and Aegis in a single file line in that order.
On the round platform and bound to the post by chains is Zado.
As the King, his guards, and Aegis continue towards the middle of the platform, Zado stirs awake, slowly.

It’s about time the sedative wore off, isn’t it?

Ohhhh…. (*sighing quietly)

I suppose you are wondering where you are?

ZADO (looking down with his eyes closed and adjusting to the light, everything is blurred)
I was wondering how you caught me. I couldn’t give a damn where I am. I escape and I will find out where I am. Then I’m going to kill you, whoever you are.

Unfortunately, that is impossible for you.

ZADO (opens his eyes wide and furrowed his brows, still adjusting)
You don’t know what I am.

I know exactly what you are. A clairavoyant psychopath with a desire to rise above humans.

ZADO (his eyes have adjusted, and he can see clearly)
Ahhhh… It seems there was a traitor in our midst after all. The penalty is death for that, Aegis.

And to what end? When will you pay for your crimes against the world, Zado?

ZADO (his eyes glow violet, and pulsate a violet echo-like wave)
I have never betrayed the world. I am a part of its wonder. You betrayed the world when you let the human king live.

So you admit to your crimes against the Kingdom of Ishitara? The sabatoging of my troops? The murder of my merchants? The inflitration of my market, my walls, and the destruction of several stone structures which include the treaty stone of Vius?

ZADO (beginning to wiggle and squirm at the chains which bind him)
I am only guilty of failing to bring down a sickness to the world…. but I’m not done yet.

Lower the Seal, now.

AEGIS (eyes begin to glow violet and his face becomes enraged. He moves his hands and body to bring down the sealing tomb on to the platform.)
*grunts and growns

ZADO (his eyes pulse again)
I can escape this in twenty seconds, Aegis! Can you finish your action before I can rip out your throat?!

Zado Takzen, I sentence you to life imprisonment for the crimes against the people of Ishitara and attempt to overthrow the king.

ZADO (his eye pulses again, and his arm breaks a bit of the chain)

That’s why I’ve built this special prison for you.

SCENE : The tomb slams down on the platform, causing the chains the strain themselves from the velocity, force and weight.

ZADO (can barely be heard)
What is this?! Why can’t I feel the world?! What have you done!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME!!

It is a torture chamber, you miserable welp. I know your kind can sense the world. I know you can feel it always, and bond with it. You know its interworkings. I got to thinking… what happens when you cut a clairavoyant off from the world? Is it like ripping a childs favorite toy from him and burning it infront of him? So I found a material so dense that a clairavoyant is unable to see beyond with his mind. What’s it like in there? Dark? I added enough holes to breath and hear, but they are spread far enough apart to not contribute to any strutural weakness in the casing. You may find it difficult to survive more than a week, but who knows? There are hundred of insects crawling in the pit below you. They could help sustain you for a bit longer.

ZADO (still nearly inaudible, being lowered by the chains)

SCENE : Aegis returns to his stance before. His cast is bleeding a bit through, and he is sweating. The King turns and faces him.

I apologize for forcing upon you an extrenious activity and causing you harm. Come. We must get you to rest.

I thank you for you hospitality.

I owe you a great deal for saving my life, and acting selflessly and heroically when all others cowered away.

You are too kind.

SCENE: All individuals head toward the doorway.

I also apologize for involving you in such an ordeal as this. But I’ve found that humans are no match to imprisoning your kind. As much as I’ve sworn against it, and still hold my vows to your kingdom as much as I do to my own, there are some terrible things that cannot be combatted with politics. Some terrible creatures that cannot be tamed with reason.

SCENE: There are stairs just beyond the doorway. The royal guards continue up them first. Then, at the base of the stairs, Falker turns to face Aegis.

I hope you also understand that the events which have occurred are not to be discussed furthermore for protecting my image and protecting the integrity I hold in the treaty of Vius. If King Leozen were to hear I contained and imprisoned a psionic illegally and in secrecy, there would be issues of trust in our future arrangements.

I promise you, this is a monster you have detained. You have given it the most merciful of punishments as compared to what it deserves. So I will also promise you that not a single word will be spoken about the events which have occurred. As far as I know, Zado Takzen was killed by a collapsed building. No will know differently. Especially the king.


Posted by InDeeperDreams - April 1st, 2014

Copyright (c) 2014 Riley Marengo


TO THE TEAM :: Hello Team! I apologize for not messaging on our Skype forum, but I have lost access to wireless internet for my own computers and had to resort to using public access computers which have proven both inefficient and slow, so not alot gets done. If you haven't been reading my posts, I don't know what to tell you. I'm working on getting internet back and will be messaging you individually when I have more time.

To the PUBLIC :: Here are some new updates on the character's backstories and personalities in Psychadica:

Vairra’s Journal entry 1

I learned to write much faster than I was supposed to. It was just as fast that I learned to conceal my ability to aquire skills. Why should I have to was the biggest battle of my life. “Why should I have to withold myself from acheivement and advancement when I could accel far beyond this worlds expectations? When I could not only write history, and make a new version of which I can dictate, but I can reform the perception of the world– rewrite imagination–?

I struggled with this because it was my desire to excel far beyond the life of drudgery. I look at the world in both apathy and pity, as I feel nothing for something which can offer me nothing, but I feel sorry for something that can never surpass the state that it is in without some sort of cataclysmic intervention.

And all of this is why I am the way I am because of my gift. I am the only living psychic on our Aerth that can see the future. Its unimaginible to the psychics because they can understand the complexities of the world. They understand things that humans will never know because they have the ability to understand things as well as the ability to admit that they don’t. But they don’t believe me. They can’t. They believe that they is simply too many variables that can change the future to be able to accurately predict it.

The thing is that I can see the absolute version of the future because I am not calculating anything that isn’t the absolute truth. I’m not actuallly doing any of the work at all. When the mind tries to intervene and solve a problem itself, it has the ability to misinterpret signals and disrupt any correct path of circutry or the natural fluid motions. It underestimates. It over estimates. It tries to mix the truth with its own interpretation of the truth. The paradigm poisons the tangible because it always defeats it through paradox. I don’t allow myself to think about what I see. I allow my body to be an absorbant of the world around. I soak up all the knowledge and all the information. I’m not aone of a kind. I am a clairavoyant- one with the ability to understand the phsycics and the functions of my surroundings. I am just the leading frontier of a new kind of psionic. I don’t concern myself with competition, nor do I have any desire to make it happen. My life is a secret to the world. Yet it seems that my constant practice of my innovation has left me with its own unique markings.

It is well known that our kind- the psy- have a unique opaque skin quality and texture. It makes some of us look porcelien, and other look as if they wear a gel layer ontop of pale skin. It can be disgusting to look at even. We resemble humans in form, but our outer layers are a definite signal that we are beyond. Its no wonder we are hated sometimes. It is as if we are creatures from a distant star trying to pretend we are of this world. But I know my kind. I know we can’t help this feature, and it hurts to be someone who is unchangably unnacceptable. Most Psy put a white cream over thier faces to cover up the gel-like layer. It can almost succeed in making one of us look like a sickly human. Some of the other psy’s paste sealeo skin to thier face and paint over that, which has a better effect, but it renders the psionic abilities less effective exponentially, as our skin is this way to absorb the light of our star and use to fuel the incredible feats we can accomplish.

My skin is incredibly unique. It is not one or the other, but it can be both. Like I dilute my natural skin the moment I use my gifts. I abosrb and use imediately. I cannot store energy. That would require too much cellular mass. No, Instead I convert it and burn through consistantly my ability. That ability to burst can increase my thought processing power nearly twelve times the original.

My skin completeley dissapears, and even my bones seem to be clearer then most. I have deemed to calling myself Pvondur Vai’irra, which means Body of crystilline. Most people call me simply Vaiirra, or the crystilline girl.


Zado’s Journal Entry 1

I love my name. Zado. It has a ringing of greatness to it. You could hollar it down a long hall, loud and slow, and the echoes would feel so sweet when they return. They would shake me from the inside and comfort what ever form of life is in me.

I find it amusing to be arrogant and selfish. Its a game to me. Its not actually a real trait I have, but it definitely is fun to role with. Some people would find it odd or offputting, but I don’t care. I don’t value ‘emotions’ or however people hold themselves. I’ve seen slaves rise up to men in my lifetime, and I’ve seen men cower to dh’ogs, or fight like viscious nova. It all changes and its moment to moment. How can you value you that? What does it gain you to waste yourself on every small detail? No. Its always been the bigger picture for me. I have always been satisfied to know that everything I’m doing is leading to something.

I’ve been around thousands of psy’s. And unlike them, I’ve never been dissatisfied with my ‘gifts’. I love mine. I cherish mine. It is the only thing that helps me sleep at night. Why wouldn’t ot? It lets me know that I’m safe. It lets me know that I am the only one around.

Clairavoyance. If it were a girl, I’d marry her, and I wouldn’t get off her until she begged.

Oh, you don’t know how sweet it is to know everything. You don’t know what its like to have so much power. I don’t envy you. I urge you to envy me, though. I love it when people send off thier emotions, thier pheremones. It makes them so easy to control.

I had so much fun growing up. Every word was a science project, every expression was a subliminal message. Twist this way, get this result. Twist that way, get a different result entirely. It took me years to learn myself. I assume that it is more difficult to be a human. They don’t have the access to the knowledge that I do. I have knowledge of many things. What is sturdy, what is hollow. What is capable for life, what is not. What is a fatal mistake and what is a truth. I convinced people I could read thier minds. I just heard thier pulses, I just read thier scent, I just tasted thier words. Were they bitter? Were they sweet? Were they true? Were they lies?

I admit. My mind can seem a little dark. I do regret reserving a little self control at an earlier age, but I didn’t know any better. Scars are a great teacher, but they also are a perfect way to ruin the skin forever.

I feel that way about my Aerth. The ground beneath me is like my skin and the sky is like the hairs on my neck. Its all a part of me. I am sad when it is hurt. Yet whay am I so happy when I destroy it?

I struggle to stop myself from letting my mind wonder off into the self psychological analyzing. It makes me think to hard about the wrong things. Makes me waste time and energy on trying to understand something I don’t neccessarily need to understand.

I have never felt I needed to understand myself to be good at what I do. I don’t think on it because I know that I can accomplish great things and not know a thing about the details. People who get obseessed with them are like parasites. They suck up too many resources to accomplish too meaningal of tasks in a justification for survival. I has a parasite once. I ripped it from my flesh and I sucked the blood out of it. Taking back what was mine.

I’m curious, now. Would a parasite be able to transfer my power to someone else?

Oh, now this I must find out.


Aegis’s Journal Entry One


I preferred being a slave, I think. It was less thinking. It was less responsibility. You just did your job or you got beat. There was none of this complicated thinking or this “always trying to rise above yourself” way of life. I had no regard for others back then. I never had friends because everyone was always wondering why I was talking to them and trying to communicate with them. You know, putting them on the spotlight. Things like that. They were always cold. They’d look at me like I was stupid and like I was doing something I shouldn’tve been. What I bring that up for is that they still do that same thing. Except not to me. I’m this great ‘hero’ in thier eyes. I have to be treated differently, to them.

I just hate it because its like its a mindless action they take. Like its natural to them to see me and to think I always deserve a compliment just because I fought in the most winning battles. They don’t understand what it takes from me to survive.

I didn’t fight in the most winning battles to them, I won those battles. All of them. In thier eyes. They don’t see the fear in the enemy. They do know that I see the life running before thier eyes when I stand above them. They don’t care for whoever fought next to me and put more effort or more sacrifice into thier actions. They see me. They make carved figures of me. I don’t know why. Maybe its like they want me to be a symbol, but I don’t think its that. I think this is like they want to be me, and be faced with me. They want to hold me in thier hands and play life through my body. It distrubs me. It just is a flawed way of thinking, but I can’t help that. I just have to trudge on and fight to survive. I don’t live in the mines anymore. I’m not an Amalgian rock slinger. I am a soldier now. I’m a leader.

Okay, yeah. I’m a leader. But being treated like I am the only one who has a desirable life simply enfuriates me. I feel like none of these other people know that they need to live thier lives and assume thier own roles and thier own duties to the kingdom because this kingdom falls apart without them. It like I’m swarmed everywhere because I’m desirable, and I’m desirable because I’m- what exactly? I’ve killed hundreds of men. I’ve seen thier insides when I crush them against a surface. I’ve seen them splatter to sickening gooey pieces when I throw them high upwards and they come screaming down. That is torture to know I’m allowing the last few seconds of someones life to be consumed and dominated by just fear and pain. I don’t care about the fanatics. Thier minds are trapped in a persepctive that I can’t relate to anymore. I am not a child. I’m this hunter killer.

I live this way. I live to fight and kill and do all the things that disgust me because I am the best at dealing with it. I am a rock in my mind and a swift breeze in my fights. I am the shield to my way of life. I am the crushing force to anothers. I am a wall to my kingdom and a voice for it.

Ambassador Aegis Omoro. Man, I hate that name.

Posted by InDeeperDreams - March 4th, 2014

Copyright (c) 2014 Riley Marengo

Not a scene, but a written chapter which introduces the themes and central ideals and events in the Ishitaran segment of the story. It also introduces the personality of Aegis Omoro.


___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________

Aegis Omoro stands in front of the students of the newly opened psychic academy. The first time they every have even seen the insides of a classroom. They were filthy. They did not know to be clean, these people. Thier parents didn't tell them that this was a day to be regal. Thier friends did not tell them they this was a day to be remembered. To them, this was just a day.

So this tall and proud man, not of any noble descent, but a man who has earned every right of his way through triumph, he looks over the room, at every seat of people all angled down at him. The room is filled, athough there are patches of seat empty. Seats that will never be filled. There isn't enough of them in the city of vius. The room was built to last, and to promote the dream, or at least the very image, of a glimpse of the future.

"One day we will thrive." The inscription engraved above the wall at the front of the room.

Perhaps it was to remind the people that all the hard work they do will build to something. Perhaps it was to reminds them that they have a long journey ahead of them. Perhaps it was to inspire them to fulfill that destiny. But it was an idea that was laid to waste, at the very least, for this moment. Hardly a single person in this room could read a letter, and even the ones who could were focused solely on the soldier in the front of the room.

They know his face. And if not,they know his name. Aegis, the Great. Ambassador Omoro to the southern kingdom of Ishitara. The savior of the city. All of thier eyes were afixed on him. Some in fear. Some in awe. Some in envy. Only one was of a serious intent. But he had hardly noticed her amungst they crowd of filth and torment.

"I suppose... I should begin."

Aegis is slow to look up from the ground in front of him. He awaits for the moment where his voice stops reverberating in the room. There is silence in both motion and sound. Stillness even in thier hearts and minds.

"I am here not because I want to be, but because I must. I did not want to be here. I am not... a... teacher... of man... I am a soldier. I was chosen to be here today because your teacher could not. I was chosen because of my experience in speaking to large crowds of people. I was not chosen because I have something to teach you. I... do not..."

He was not an empath. That would mean he would be connected to each and every organism in his presence. It would mean that he could understand how to reach out and what to say to open up a gateway of communication between him and these men and women and children. He was hardened by responsibility and war, and by no means was he an empath. But he felt thier dissapointment when he spoke. He also was not affected by it. He had a job to do, whether he liked it or not.

"I am here filling the shoes of your teacher, filling this room with my voice to help adjust you to a new setting. Do you realize what today is? We're making history today, citizens of Vius. Today is the first day ever in the history of this land that the Psychics of Wimsivl gather under this roof. The first day of the Psychic Academy. I may not have anything to bring to you like anything that will be in the future. But I do have this moment."

His moment of inspiring words took away any thoughts of anger or sorrow.

"Do you know why you are here? Do you know what this place is to you? For you? I am asking you. Please raise up your arms and I will call on you to speak if you think you have an answer."

Several people debate within themselves. They raise thier hands above.

A man- older, and much bulkier than the rest is pointed at. He speaks in a soft and accented voice. "We are here to gather together and support the future of Vius by honing our skills as psionics and knowlege as people."

Aegis nods quickly and moves on to pointing at the next person. "Yes."

A man in his late twenties speaks with intensity to set himself apart from the other. "We are here to learn to be soldiers and protect ourselves attack."

Aegis does not respond, and instead points to the girl in the back, who suddenly jerked her hand up. The same one who was sternly and intently staring. Her voice was more distorted, as if she was speaking through a crystal plate. Aegis was taken aback. This is usually signs of a strong psychic power, but he was more taken by her knowlege and confidence than the effect itself.

"Why are we here?" he says before she speaks.

"To set ourselves apart from who we were before and to uphold the ideal that we can be equals to mankind."

"Yes. Exactly." Aegis says with almost an excited tone. He was about to move on when a small boy, about 7 years of age raised his hand and stole his attention away from his thoughts. He stopped. Then he smiled sweetly and asked the boy to speak.

"You have something to say?" He asked to the boy. The boy took no time to respond.

"I'm here because my mommy wanted me to be safe so that I would see her again tomorrow."

It hurt him, Aegis. If he was any less of a man of dignity, he would've been astonished or caught off his guard. He knew this boy had been through a lot. He could tell by bloodstains on his tattered clothing. He could tell by the cuts and scars on his arms, face and legs. He could also tell from his eyes, which were wide, and naive, and ignorant, and sad, and which had been lied to sweetly to hide the darkness of the times. His eyes were a reminder of his own to Aegis, once upon a time. He stopped a moment to fight his own emotions.

"You're here... because you needed a safe haven so that you could see your mother again." Aegis looked down by nature, but by force of habit he jerked his head to the side. He didn't want the people to see he was affected. He took a breath. He looked to the boy who had spoken earlier.

"I did not respond to you. And there was a reason for that. We are not here to be soldiers. We are not here to teach to you the arts of death. We are here for you because there is a better way to live than this, and we believe that you deserve it. I am an Ambassador to the Southern Kingdom. I am a representative of both peace and harmony. That is what I do. I speak to the King of Ishitara, who I have met with many times. I discuss current events involving my people. I discuss and deliver bargains and compromises from our King, Leozen, to thier King, Reynold Falkner. I discuss new treaties and rules. I offer services and recieve payments as well as pay for any damages our own kind cause, and I ENSURE... that the people still captive or under the kings rule are treated fairly and safely. I ensure that our kind prevails in the Kingdom of Ishitara and I intend for our kind to flourish in the Kingdom of Vius.

And I am here not to teach you. I am here to let you know that this Kingdom has every intention of promoting and cultivating you from what you once were to what you will be tomorrow. Do you see those words up there? 'One day, We will Thrive.' Do you know what that means? It means that the future is ours. It means that we, one day, will be better than war. We, one day, will be better than the simplicities of contraversy and the arrogance of ignorance."

The room is silent once more.

"I intend to make that happen."

Aegis holds himself up and locks his arms behind his chest. "We are a very unique people with very unique talents that a hundred years ago, this world had never seen. We have come far in the age of man. We have brought forth civilizations and societies. We built towering buildings in days. We sifted through miles of mines in months. We have accomplished things as slaves that no other has accomplished as men. We are extraordinary."

"And do you know what things are possible if we just keep trying? No one does. No one can see the future."

The girl in the back lowers he gaze.

"And if we could, I wouldn't want it for us. We don't need to see the future. It takes away from the constant reminder that we need to be the best we can possibley be to ensure our future is as we desire. Our own."

The girl furrows he brows, and sinks in her seat.

Posted by InDeeperDreams - February 26th, 2014

Copyright (c) 2014 Riley Marengo

Psychadica roster

This post is specifically directed to the participants of the Psychadica Project. It contains information on thier team members and thier tasks. Feel free to browse through if you are interested in supporting ot helping out. Still could use several artists, a musician, and voice actors.


Voice Talents ::

Plasmarift, Lunarscythe, NanaBlackbird, X1BurningAces1X, Toggleroo, UltimaBurnie, dsgrntlgrnt


Animation Artists ::

zv, Karsys, MintyFreshThoughts


Concept Artists ::

SnarlyDawg, Shaneul782, Halrod, InDeeperDreams



KevinKerrMusic, SmaugPenDraig, InDeeperDreams

TO THE PARTICIPANTS:: My skype name is 'indeeperdreams'. Add me and tell me that you are part of the project. Also, list accounts you may have that could be vital tools to communication and file transfer (e.g., soundcloud, deviantart, newgrounds, CGHub, etc.) so that I may try and find the fastest way to communicate to you.

Below is art that has been confirmed as complete, and art that still needs to be completed. Browse to see what you are interested in and please direct questions to my newgrounds account or my skype so as to verify with me what is being worked on, so I can update the list.

Anyone who is interested in joining the project, please contact me or post a comment.



Overall ::

Concept art of weather and sky in Wimsivl


Psychics ::

Ezari Eschron, the Psychic Ambassador for the Southern

Kingdom Leozen Thrall, the Psychic King of the South

Vairra, the Crystalline Girl


Humans ::

Fear, The Human Psi-killer

King Reynold Falker, the human King of the South



Northern Tribal Psychic Civilians, misc animal life, Vius Throne Room, Ishitara map, Ishitara overview sketch, Ishitara city defense infrastructure.


Episodes are produced in sets of 3. Each episode will tell the events in each kingdom.


Episode 1 will focus solely on the psychic liberation and the issues King Leozen is facing in the city of VIUS, and the return of Ezari Eschron from the Amalgian kingdom. It will also take place during the events of the opening of the psychic academy.


Episode 2 will focus on events happening throughout the kingdom of Ishitara, such as the imprisonment of Zado Takzen, the opening of the First Psychic Academy on the border of Vius and Ishitara, and the assaults on the outer Psionic encampments.


Episode 3 will focus on the Kingdom of Amalgia, losing his grasp on his civilians and denouncing his allignment with Ishitara. It will focus on the anti-psychic weapons development program, and the Amalgian growing Anti-psionic resistance.


// Overall //

Continental map of Wimsivl, concept art of Wimsivl landscape, Vius Standard design, Amalgian Standard Design, Ishitaran Standard design.


// Episode One //

Vius city scape. Vius palace design, Vius political infrastructure, Vius city defense infrastructure, Concept designs for Ambassador Aegis Omoro, Concept Designs for Architect Diair Ken Vo, Concept Designs for Ambassador Laress Fae, Concept Designs for Amalgian Resistance Spies, Concept designs for Psionic Civilians, Concept Designs for inner city architecture of Vius, Concept designs for Sibree Clothing (psionic conductive material).


// Episode Two //

Ishitara inner architectural designs, Ishitaran Palace design, Ishitara outskirt encampment designs, Ishitaran soldier designs, Ishitaran Scout designs, Ishitaran civilians designs (merchants, hunter scouts, psychic refugess from amalgia, human refugees from amalgia, human refugees from the north), Ishitaran Political infrastructure, concept designs for Amalgian resistance spies, Concept designs for Zado Takzen, Concept designs for The Messengers.


// Episode Three //

Amalgian Cityscape, Amalian palace design, Amalgian political infrastructure, Amalgian city defense, Amalgian economic infrastructure, Concepts for King Harken Damador, Concepts for Amalgian soldiers, concepts for General Bor Blaker, concepts fot Amalgian civilians, concepts for Psychic slaves, concepts for Psychic civilians, concepts for the Messengers.

Posted by InDeeperDreams - February 22nd, 2014

Copyright (c) 2014 Riley Marengo

The Kingdom of Ishitara

Once a thriving empire, it's extravagant lifestyles lead to an economic failure less than a century ago. The elaborate city of Ishira serving as it's capital and several beautiful forests, rivers, valleys and hillsides as its kingdom, the land is accepted as the most cultured and well protected in the entire continent of Wamsivl.

King Reynold Falker of Ishira nobles is valued as the most respectible and humanitarian of all of his predecessors, and as a man who values the lives of all creatures, it is no wonder in his rule, he allowed the liberation of the Psionic race from thier 100 year servitude. Many speculate he is as gracious as he is because he is a coward and fears revolt, others think of him as insecure and fearing the loss of his peoples faith, but in the 8 years of his reign as sovereign, he has both instilled faith in his own people as he has an alliance with the Psionics. He brought the economy up from the ground, and secured it from seige and invasion which had previously rattled his kingdom from the savage and diseased Ald'wom, or renegade Amalgian radicals.

The Capital, Ishira, is structured as thus:

1) Ishitaran Outskirts -> 2) The Outer Wall / The "Slaughter Gaps" -> 3) The Outer Market-> 4) large opening -> 5) The Aqueduct Moat-> 6) The Pivot Bridges-> 7) The Outer Barracks-> 8) The Inner City-> 9) The Castle.

1) The outskirts of Ishitara contains the outer market and mixed race camps. It is not a segragated area, but rather it contains camps of refugees and outcasts from all races and all countries on the continent. The camps are well organized and ordered in widespread tents. Each row and column is even and has the same amount of tent structures, regardless of some being vacant. It is more expensive to be closer towards the wall as the protection from invasion is greater, but also access to the market is easier to achieve.

The kingdom of Ishitara, as ordered by King Reynold Falkner, pays a tribute fee to all the outer most tent owners each month to ensure their faith as they are most suseptable to an invasion. This decision was ruled more favorable by the people than hiring additional soldiers or scouts to guard, regardless of the increase of pillagers.

This is patrolled by scouts, not soldiers. Scouts are trained to be fast and agile so as to avoid arrows and alert the city of invaders.

2) The outer wall is tall and bulky stone buildings placed in tight quarters. About every 50 feet at the base is a narrow pathway which leads to individual market squares in the inner city. The roof of each building connect at a steep slant and the top part of the roof is made of a flimsy metal which a grappling hook could not secure itself on.

There is one large gate, which leads a wide road to a central market place, but it is the most protected path. It is lined with siege weapons like hot-oil dumps 3 stories up, and many arrow slots in the wall. There is also wooden spikes lining it's sides which can be rotated on a pivot at their base to face the entry way.

3) The outer market is a place where trade and traffic is always prevalent. There are few crimes as there is a soldier for every stall and a stall for every opening, every 50 feet. Each stall is about 30 feet in radius and rests against the wall, directly in the middle of each path (10 feet in on both sides). Some merchants don't use all this space for their goods, so they divide the stalls in two between a trusted partner.

Only merchants and soldiers live on the outer most walls, allowing for easy clean-up and easy access to invasion. Soldiers who guard the merchants are usually the best equipped, but King Falker made a law to rotate the Soldiers living quarters from inner to outer city each month so as to (A) avoid favoritism, and (B) to ensure that if an invasion force was to take the outer wall, they would not have access to the best armors and weapons, which reduced both crime and weakness.

4) The large opening is both so that claustrophobic visitors could be relieved from the tight quarters of the entrance and so that they could witness in awe the entire cityscape as a tourist attraction. It is as long as the entire city, as the outer houses encompass everything inland until the beach, which is blocked by caverns on both ends, and harbors and lighthouses further extruding the entire shallows of the water. The beach is protected by massive trebuchets and harpoon guns, as well as every sailor-soldier is well trained for combat, and the Soldier training academy is located near the beach.

The opening is about 100 feet wide, and leads into the bridges and the Aqueduct moat.

5) The Aqueduct moat is about 50 feet deep and about 75 feet wide. It is used to both add additional seige defense from outer terrotories as well as transport huge amounts of ocean and river water through the insides of the city. Once a year, there is an annual race down the river in rowboats to bring more money to the kingdom. The Aqueduct does not provide drinking water, it is solely to provide water to the plants in the inner workings of the city.

As a result of it being partially river water, there are several species of fish within it. Fishing is allowed, but only at the citizens own risk. It has been known before to be sabatogued further upstream by the savage Ald'wom- a human tribe who has been exposed to some unknown genetic sickness which causes massive retardation and aggression.

6) The bridges over the moat work on pivot technology. When the city is under seige, or host thier yearly games, they are withdrawn and rotated counter-clockwise onto the innercities side of the moat, where they form a perfect wall. Any who swim across and who aren't met with a heavy current and swept under, are met with a solid wall of heavy wood.

The pivot was once controlled by waterwheels and mechanics, but the Ishitaran's found Tele-k's to be more effective, and despite the fact that the Liberation Treaty was signed with the kingdom of Vius, which releived all those of psychic descent or potential from the requiremtn to work for the Ishitaran Government or Military, some Tele-k Psionics have pledged thier loyalties to Ishitara, and have not left thier duties to its kingdom.

7) Just over the bridges are barrack houses and armories. This is for the conveinience of the kingdom, and though Soldiers are spread throughout the city as it is, the archers man this particular section. The archers once manned the outer wall before the camps were settled outside, and King Falker saw that as the archer's were distanced from thier kills, they tending to be more merciless and uncaring of thier shots.He pulled them backwards to gain support of the tribes in the outer kingdom, but as every archer see's substantially less action, this action cost the king thiers. In an attempt to rally them again, once a year he holds an archery competition and a hunter competition amungst thier ranks. Training for this usually keeps them occupied. Those who don't are usually transferred to scout duties in the outer most of the camps- the most dangerous duty and the most respected.

8) The innercity is probably the most intricate part of the city. For every row of houses in the city is a tiny aquedcut- about 10 feet wide which breaks off from the moat and feeds ground based plants along its edge. The buildings are multicultred to say the least. Despite the fact that they are all roughly the same build, two stories and connected by small bridges and sky walks for about the entire half mile inwards, each house hangs it's own banner of its family decendency and had a wooden pillar with its family history engraved into it displayed proudly. Some houses have utilized the crystals which fall from the sky or that have been shipped from Crystilline Valley as additional decor- hanging chimes, or sculptures, decorated pot plants, or pathway decoration.

The streets on each side of the small moat are about 10 feet wide and allow for about 5 feet of decoration for each house. The inner city is extremely expensive to live in, but there are many ways that rent can be reduced, such as volunteering for city clean-up (which is monitored by it's own system, and ranges from street work to inner building cleaning), volunteering for gathering parties, or submitting to either the Ishitatran Millitary Academy or the Ishitaran Sailing Academy. Gathering parties scout the forests for food or plant life and pick them, and are always large groups as to scare off predator animals. These parties are often guarded by Military Trainees rather then soldiers, and Scouts.

9) The Castle has been built as the most sturdy structure in the city. It has halls in the entrance that are supported by huge columns and can hold civilians in a seige or a natural disaster, which happens often, whether it be from earth or sky. In a case of a flood, the floors have drain holes which lead into the dried up river bed, created by the dirivative of the aqueduct moat. The castle has few actual rooms. The kings chamber is the room farthest from the front, which leads into the royal bathing room, the royal library, the throne room, and the dining hall.

The royal kitchen and pantry are located both outside and underground in a seperate building, and are vast. There is rooms for all 4 of his advisors, 3 children's rooms, 3 guest rooms, and a meeting room outside of the throne room and adjacent to the library. There is indoor plumbing in the bath chamber, but the bath is an inset swimming pool type structure which is heated by flames and smoke from the kitchen furnace below it, and vented by pipes above. Constant water coming in from several privatized aqueducts direct from the ocean (through several rudimentary filtration systems) keeps the waters from boiling over, and the drains all lead to the flood gates beneath the palace and into the river bed.

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Copyright (c) 2014 Riley Marengo

HELLO NEWGROUNDS! I would very much like to present to you a sneak peak of Psychadica!

Each episode will solely be focused on one kingdom, and so there will be 3 episodes animated at one time with 3 different plots. This particular episode takes place in the Psionics series.

This scene takes place after the signing of the Liberation Treaty of Ishitara and is the opening scene to the series!

There is concept art and concept melodies on my profile.


SCENE :: The sun creeps over the horizon on a vast landscape. As it's light turns from amber and red into a softer yellow across the dark purple and star lit sky, the stars begin to fade away, and a silouette of a city on the coast, Ishitara, is shown. The light slowly slips over the city and reveals its borders and castle. There is a reflection upon the water of the sight of a nebula fading.

SCENE :: The words "SIX MONTHS AGO" appear on the bottom of the screen for a moment and fade out. The Voice of KING LEOZEN THRALL speaks loud to a crowd of people gathered outside the walls of Ishitara, in the camps of liberated slaves.


This city was born in sunrise. The storm of blood and the thunderous rumble of the soldiers of war- they have been laid to rest. All of thier secrets died with them.

So did thier hatred. So did thier torment. So did thier grasp on our necks, and the weapons that once forced us to the ground. We were born a proud people.

We rose from the ground, with our heads held high, and with our hearts full of fury. But what fury does to man is consume them.



CROWD (chanting)


SCENE :: The scene shows the crowd from a distance, and is not neccessarily animated, but moves across thier heads. In the far back of the veiw is the house wall of Ishitara, so we are facing the northern end of the city. These houses are made of solid stone, tall, square, and very close together. The gaps between the walls can only fit a single person at a time, and there is one about every 50 feet to limit invasion forces to single lines. These are widely known as "Slaughter Gaps" or "Winding Death" to intimidate attackers.

SCENE :: The scene moves from the first angle across the crowd look over it from the side and moving in towards the wall where the king is standing on a heightened stage. At each end of the stage is an Ambassador- Aegis on the left and Harker on the right- standing in an at ease position. The king and few people in the crowd are animated. The King is pacing as he speaks and using his arms and hands to animate his words, throwing them around violently as he increases in intensity. The people in the crowd jumping with thier fists in the air.

SCENE :: As the king comes to the end of his speech, the scene shows his back facing his people from an angle pointing downward. He raises his hand, and a psionic spear forms from what appears to be vapors. The Spear is rudimentary, a black handle with a silver spiral around it's shaft moving up towards its crystalline spearhead.

SCENE :: As the spear is revealed, the crowd violently chants "VIUS!" over and over in rhythm. Vius means "Free Will" and "Coexistance". It is also the name of the Psionic capital.


Currently, the Team Roster has these following members:

///// Writers / Directors /////








///////Voice Actors////////







(if you don't see your name here, it is because I lost my original roster. please PM me)





/////Concept Artists//////





If you are interested in joining the cast, please send me a PM with a URL link to a demo reel on soundcloud, newgrounds, newgrounds dump files, or youtube.

If you are interested in joining the crew, please send me samples of your work via links to DeviantArt, newgrounds, CGHUB, or youtube.


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Copyright (c) 2014 Riley Marengo


As Stated in my last post, I am creating a new project involving Psychics and Psychological warfare on an alien planet.

The World has just recently found that there are people who have the ability to perform extrodinary feats with thier minds, and fear and uncertainty has created a rift between those who are "gifted" and those who are not. The Humans have fought consistantly to supress the minds and the wills of the psychics so that they remain ignorant and therefore have the ability to be controlled so they are not a threat, but outcasts and runaways have formed small tribal-like City-States and over the years, even a kingdom, and they are growing smarter than the humans, even going as far as outgrowing thier need for humanity.

They are striving to form order, to coexist, to survive, but with new weapons and new ways to bring them down, they are given no choice but to build a war-ready empire, and an army of thier own, and develop thier own ways to fight while the humans still keep thier kind as slaves and are utilizing thier powers to gain an edge.


Listed here are a few roles available (and still more to come), but Auditions will not be until both the plot is complete and the team has been fully gathered. I am accepting Demo-reels.

Primary Characters:: Psychics

Ezari Eschron, the Psychic Ambassador for the Southern Kingdom Leozen Thrall, the Psychic King of the South Vairra, the Crystalline Girl Diair Ken Vo, The Telekinetic Architect Laress Fae, The psychic Ambassador for the Southern city-state Zado Takzen, The Apex Killer Aergris Arisa, the Academy Director Rezin Leoto, the teleporting man.


Bor Blaker, The General of the Amalgian warriors (human standard ops) Death / Darkness / Fear, The Human Weapons (human psi-killers) King Reynold Falker, the human King of the South King Harken Domador, The King of the West The Messenger, A psychic astral projector

Secondary Characters/ Misc characters ::

The Slaves, psychic slaves The Amalgian Warriors, human soldiers and police force The Mongers, humans which specialize in psychological warfare Guards Resistance Spies Unaligned Psychic astral projectors for hire Tele-K Workers The Human Civilians The Psychic Civilians The Neo Apex Humans

There is still a need for musicians, and several more animators and especially background and concept artists. I have messaged people and gotten few replies, but I am obliged for the sake of the project to keep moving forward.


Message me or leave a reply if you are interested.

Posted by InDeeperDreams - February 17th, 2014

Copyright (c) 2014 Riley Marengo





Ezari Eschron is an ambassador representing the psychic "Gifted" civilians of Wamsivl who have of recent generations a rised from the genetic pool. The world is exiting it's Dark ages and leaping directly into a modernistic age where psionic's are used like slaves for the benefit of their kingdoms. The Psionic's have formed small city-states within or outside the borders of several kingdoms to stand against the tyranny of the nations and the ignorance and racism that forms from the fear of the minds of men. The "Gifted" believe that above all else, they need to portray their humanity in a world where the humans are less of men that they are. As tension arises between the races, each side develops weapons and new understandings of an assortment of technologies which would pit the world into a desolate state. Viarra, the crystalline girl, and the 'oracle' for the psychics senses a vast and devastating potential rise in the body of a small human populace, and if they aren't contained, the potential for life will cease to occur.



Anyone who is willing to collaborate with me in the future for an animation series about psychological and psionic warfare on an alien fantasy world similar to Earth in the dark ages, please contact me! The project has not been completed as I never start something without a team to help me and to work around.

The project would require several different animators working simultaneously on different episodes and the series would be about 10-12 episodes max, And I wouldn't give more than 2 or 3 episodes to a single animator.

There are few concepts for this project that are finalized- some I am still working on


This project would be organized in 4 stages per episode ::-----------------------------------------------------------------------

STAGE 01 :: Concept Art // Story Planning // Story Writing

STAGE 02 :: Story Boarding // Animatics // Story Adjustments // Background Art

STAGE 03 :: Animation // Voice Acting // Dialogue & Monologue Adjustments

STAGE 04 :: Additional Animations // Animation Adjustments // Music

All of these adjustment stages are up to debate as they are simply to better the quality of the animation. Without them I believe that the time would be cut substantially.

I expect each stage to be about 2 weeks, each episode about 2 months completion, therefore singularly, the time of completion would be approximately a 2 year process, THUS THE NEED FOR MULTIPLE ANIMATORS working simultaneously.

I would like there to be a background artist for every animator, as well as a musician for every animator.

I would offer payment, but I have no idea how well the response from this- nor the quality of this- would turn out, as this has not been tried before as far as I've seen. This is as close to a professional delegation layout I can get without tripping over lawsuits. Primary funding would come from Kickstarter.Com, and any newgrounds donations we may recieve, and funding would come only after we have a product to demonstrate, which would mean that the first few episodes would be done for nothing. I don't expect a cut for myself unless we meet the calculated margin where I would be able to take from this meaning any funding would go to pay fairly the animators, voice actors, and musicians, and any additional funding would go to myself and whatever needs the project might have.

If you are interested with this project, or have advice, I would love to hear from you. Thank you, and looking forward to results. IDD

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Hello Newgrounds!

For some time I have been producing videogame loops to help support the online community and speed up the production process of games. On My soundcloud account currently, there are more than 70 different songs (and I've made and deleted plenty more) in various styles ranging from 8-bit to Techno to instrumental to Experimental. Feel free to add any of the songs to your games or if you see fit animations so long as you credit me and send me a link so I can see it! Thank you!


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Hello, Newgrounds!

My team and I are very excited to announce that Demigods [Episode One :: Playing with Fire] is currently in its animation stage!


Following the events of RAGNORAK, the surviving gods of the AESIR decended into mortal bodies. Those who took possession over a human body had the option of living eternity and having access to thier powers, but always battle with sanity and a lonely existance, living only off of the lifeforce of the world around and thus never being able to exist in  one place for too long, or living out a single mortal life in a mortal body and dying off.

The Norse God of Fire, Loki, found a loophole, and in his hands held the power of fate. He reincarnated himself into a human body specifically designed to host the soul of a God, and thus bypassing any need to pay a toll with the life around him or his own sanity. However, the payment is a shortened lifespan and a withered and broken-down body.

Loki, who felt that his past life was not his own fault as it was the curse of the sisters of fate (the Norn) who twisted his mind and turned him evil against his adopted family, seeks a new life of redemption, far away from the rule of the old ways of the world. In his attempt, he changes his name and identity and takes a small group of people away to have as a new family. In his own corner of the new world, he rises up a small city-state empire which he near single handedly raises up for thousands of years, away from the rest of the world cultures. His bloodline has been kept pure by process of selective marriage, and at the end of each of his live's, he takes a new host body in his first born son, as it contains the genetic capacity of hosting a god.

Surviving Gods have found ways to keep their sanities at bay as well as thier identities a secret. These gods must have an obsession which they build thier lives around. A lost son of Allfather Odin, Prince Vali, has sworn to keep what old ways of his lost culture he can alive for eternity, thus imortallizing the memories of his past. He has become anti-social, reclusive, volitile, and psychopathic, and with the evolving world around him, he soon finds that keeping himself alive and keeping his obsession are two very difficult things to do.

A mysterious and familiar man seeks him out on his travels, and tells him of a person- a shaman- who knows the location of the one man who was responsible for the ruin of Vali's forsaken life, and a kingdom that was taken from him must be repaid in blood.